What music is best for becoming a multiethnic church?

Different cultures of various ethnicities have developed different styles and sounds of music. The fancy word for that is ethnomusicology. This CT article introduces a book that has helpful insights for selecting music that'd play well in a multiethnic church, or a church seeking to diversify with more ethnicities.

They're Playing Our Song: The Secret Multiracial Churches Know About Music: It's not the style or quality of musical performance that brings multiracial churches together, but a commitment to common participation.
Michael O. Emerson (Christianity Today - June 22, 2012)

So you want to have a multiracial, multicultural church. Music, you decide, is an important vehicle to get there.

But what type of music? This is the core question of Gerardo Marti's fascinating new book, Worship Across the Racial Divide: Religious Music and the Multiracial Congregation (Oxford University Press), and one that occupies the minds of many a Christian leader attempting to do multiethnic ministry.

Marti's answer is shocking.

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