Resources for Multiethnic Churches

Find and share resources for growing healthy multiethnic churches. Resources are crowd-sourced because Jesus said to freely give as you have freely received.

The Multi-Ethnic Resource Kit is designed to equip you to lead and reproduce healthy, multi-ethnic ministries. Learn from diverse, seasoned ministry leaders as they talk about the challenges and solutions involved with multi-ethnic ministry, including Derwin Gray, Mark DeYmaz, K.J. Scriven, Oneya Fennell Okuwobi, Drew Hyun, and Santes Beatty. Free from Exponential Network.

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Directory of Multiethnic Churches

This is a crowd-sourced listing of churches self-identifying as multi-ethnic or multi-cultural or multi-racial, to help people find a multiethnic church near me and you.  [Add a church to directory]

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what is a multiethnic church?

A multiethnic church is defined by sociologists as a congregation that has less than 80% belonging to a single racial group. Read more about the context and nuances of defining multiethnic churches. Yes, just as there are a variety of diversity with churches, there are many different definitions of multiethnic, multicultural, and multiracial churches.