Questions to be answered

The following are a list of questions noted at the Mosaix Multi-Ethnic Forum during the Exponential East Conference, Tampa, Florida, April 27, 2015. Notes by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Assistant Director of the Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership (CDEL), Charlotte Campus, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

What did we not talk about that you want to know?

  • Identifying the metrics of a diverse/multi-ethnic church.
  • Training and exposure for a multi-ethnic staff – cultural sensitivity, etc. Diverse team working together as one.
  • What role does the sermon play in worship?
  • Taking a congregation from consumerism to embodying the church – church transition.
  • How do you deal with conflict in a multi-cultural context?
  • Where are the Hispanics in this conversation and movement? Is it harder for Hispanics or African Americans to embrace the multi-cultural church movement?

What do you need?

  • Access, mentorship, connections, and leadership from those who are doing this well.
  • Consider expanding social media network for Facebook group, etc.
  • Offer online training/coaching once/month. Google Hangout is an option.
  • Transformation Church will host quarterly roundtables for vision-casting. Beginning in the Fall.
  • Aggregating research for public reference. Would be good to have this information available on the Mosaix website.
  • What can be learned from the international context?

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