Challenges of Transitioning into a Multicultural Church

Transitioning Church to Become Multicultural is Difficult Process, Says Texas Pastor

by Jessica Martinez (Christian Post - March 20, 2014)

A Texas pastor advises church leaders that aim to reach Hispanic families, to embrace Latino's relationship-driven culture and be willing to hire a diverse, bilingual staff within the congregation.

Transitioning a monocultural church into a multicultural congregation has its challenges and in order to bring on Hispanics in particular, church leaders should prepare for a process that entails positive and negative changes, advises teaching pastor Jason Paredes of Fielder Church in Arlington, Texas.

"There are so many complications that you don't even anticipate… cataclysmic change is going to come, there's no way to get around it smoothly... feelings are going to be hurt, mistakes are going to be made. There has to be some boldness if you're going to walk into that," Paredes said, in a video interview with the Leadership Network.


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