15 Multi-Ethnic Pastors that Evangelical Leaders Can Learn From

15 Multi-Ethnic Pastors That Caucasian Pastors And Christian Leaders Should Listen To
by Brian Dodd with Derwin Gray (May 5, 2013)

This is arguably the most important post I have ever written. When I was coming up through Christian ministry, the face of American Christian leadership was Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, and John Maxwell. Today it would most likely be Andy Stanley. All are white males. However, the future of the church, much like America, will look quite different.

The future of the American church will be multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-generational. Churches that do not embrace this reality will be left behind as the decade progresses.

This is GREAT news for the church because this is an expression of the Kingdom of God.

... The evangelical church in America misses out on so much if we are heavily influenced by churches with only a white suburban context. With that said, the following are 15 multi-ethnic pastors in alphabetical order that caucasion pastors and Christian leaders need to listen to on a regular basis. Their perspectives will expand your scope of ministry and allow you to reach more people for Jesus Christ.

See the full list at briandoddonleadership.com/2013/05/05/15-multi-ethnic-pastors-that-caucasian-pastors-and-christian-leaders-need-to-listen-to/

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