Articles about Multiethnic Churches

  • Rethinking Multiethnic Churches

    Rethinking Multiethnic Churches: A discussion on the fruits and challenges of multiethnic congregations. Many evangelical churches have grown in diversity, but are they places of true unity and equity? In […]

  • The Multiethnic Church Movement Hasn’t Lived up to Its Promise

    March 2021 Christianity Today cover story by Korie Little Edwards, professor of sociology at The Ohio State University. The Multiethnic Church Movement Hasn’t Lived up to Its Promise: Multiracial churches […]

  • Released! New 2020 Statistics on Multiracial Churches

    [excerpted from the Mosaix Global Network newsletter – December 2019] At the 2019 Mosaix multiethnic church conference, long-awaited new statistics concerning the progress of the Multiethnic Church Movement were shared […]

  • 2019 Mosaix Multiethnic Church Conference Videos

    Get all these videos from the #mosaix19 conference videos to kickstart your community leader’s discussions around the topics related to multiethnic diversity. You can purchase the Mosaix19 Digital Access Pass from LifeWay […]

  • How Multiethnic Churches Improve Race Relations

    Check out these insights from “What Multicultural Congregations Teach About Improving Race Relations,” a resource from Baylor University’s online master’s in social work program. Here’s an excerpt— A movement is growing among […]

  • Hope For All is the Theme for Mosaix 2019

    HOPE FOR ALL (Outreach Magazine, June 2018) #hopeforall • #mosaix19 Mosaix Multi-Ethnic Church Conference November 5–7, 2019 Dallas, Texas The Apostle Paul devoted his life not only to declaring […]

  • Will 2018 be a milestone for the multiethnic church movement?

    2018 Predictions from Mark DeYmaz of Mosaix Global Network about the multiethnic church movement—from the Mosaix Global Network newsletter: Will this be the year when the 20% threshold be crossed? […]

  • People of Color talking about White Evangelicalism

    How can evangelical Christians of different ethnicities have a meaningful discourse about faith and race? What might change with rap artist Lecrae “loosening his ties with white evangelicalism”? Here’s the […]

  • Reconciliation Bibliography about Multiethnic Diversity

    This bibliography by David Swanson lists a good number of helpful books that inform how we go about crossing the bridges of cultures and build real genuine relationships for the […]

  • Access the 2016 Mosaix Multiethnic Church Conference

    Get the digital access pass to Mosaix’s 3rd National Multiethnic Church Conference to be inform and inspired about the landscape of the multiethnic church, and also encourage and equip you to address the following […]